Logistics Cyber Security - Understanding and Mitigating Cyber Risk to the Global Logistics Supply Chain

As the rapid adoption of IT and IoT solutions continues to enable ever greater operational efficiency in the processing of data and critical automation systems, the logistics sector is facing the task of responding to new threat vectors and an unprecedented level of cyber risk. With an increased reliance on data-led solutions, from smart infrastructure and connected operational technology, to the exchange and processing of critical customer data in the cloud, the attack surface has expanded and risk become increasingly difficult to quantify.

Recent high-profile cyber incidents have left little doubt as to the seriousness and scale of the disruption that can be caused, and losses sustained across the supply chain when vulnerabilities are exploited. The new paradigm brought about by IT/OT/IoT convergence is forcing an evolution in cyber security strategy from prevention towards attaining the defence in depth to detect, contain and mitigate attacks when our systems are compromised.

The event will bring together cyber security strategists from leading global logistics companies, infrastructure operators and supply chain, to better understand the global threat landscape, cyber risk governance strategy and the latest tools and techniques towards developing detection, response and recovery capabilities.


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  • Benefit from the expertise of the Cyber Senate‚Äôs network of global SMEs in developing a strategic approach to risk, resilience and threat mitigation

  • Hear case studies from industry leaders on cyber governance, OT and IT cyber security

  • Further your understanding of global regulatory and compliance requirements

  • Develop your network of global industry peers and partners

  • Challenge traditional thinking around information security as part of a group of thought leaders working towards the future safety, security and profitability of the logistics supply chain


CIO, CISO, DPO, OT Security, Senior IS, IT, Data Protection Management, CISO, Head of Operational Technologies, IT Directors, Safety Directors, Chief Technology Directors, Head of Risk Management, Head of Instrumentation and Control, SCADA Security Directors, Director of Incident Response, Industrial Control Security Directors, Head of Safety and Security, SCADA Cyber Security Director, Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert, Head of Threat Detection, Head of Operational Risk, Industrial Cyber Security Risk Manager, ICS Cybersecurity Lead, Digital Transformation, IOT.

Sectors: Logistics, Air, Rail, Road and Ocean Freight, Logistics Supply Chain, Ports, Transport Infrastructure, Government Agencies

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